Legal services

Our legal consultants can support and represent your interests combining industry insight and expertise in different sport related issues. Sports law is an amalgam of laws applying between athlete and his activity - it includes a large array of legal matters, such as contract, tort, agency, antitrust, constitutional, labor, trademark, criminal, and tax issues.

The sports industry is prone to reach $73 Billion by 2019, flourishing with opportunities in sports marketing and sponsorship, sports media, sports facilities and even fast growing institutions. This complex business environment features numerous parties - right owners (clubs, athletes, federations, associations, leagues), sports agents, sponsors, broadcasters and athletes, all following their best interest - which makes it challenging, complicated and rewarding.

Rights protection
Contract negotiation
Legal representation & counselling
Intellectual property law
Arbitration skills
Commercial agreements

Insurance analysis

Contracting between health care providers, insurance companies and clients has always been a complex issue of force markets. Between negotiating the terms of contracts, pinpointing the place where you are standing and your goal, data collecting, legal research, there is life and there is little time left to enjoy the actual things that bring you joy and satisfaction. Care for Sport helps you save real time and grow sustainably by delegating strategic tasks to our team of legal and medical experts. Our goal is to point out the smartest solutions providing individually tailored programs and comprehensive attention, helping out clients enjoy the very best of life.

  • Insurance counselling for individuals, sport teams and corporate groups                                                              

  • Financial advice - income protection insurance        
  • Legal advice                                                                                                   
  • Contract negotiation