Nutrition and a healthy lifestyle is important for everyone, but athletes in particular feel firsthand the impact of eating properly on their health and performance. The benefits of proper eating habits include: supporting and maximising effort during practices and competitions, fast body recovery, reaching and maintaining the ideal body weight, reducing the risk of injuries and disease, having self confidence, a constant and continuous evolution towards highest performance and certainly not the least important, an organised and healthy lifestyle.

Energy and Performance

Carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats provide the fuel needed to maintain energy. Carbohydrates are involved in regulating your blood sugar and glycogen level in your muscles, which is vital for preventing muscle fatigue. Fat provides essential fatty acids, and your body uses it as an energy source, particularly if your activity lasts longer than an hour. Protein helps build new tissue and is also used as an energy source. Your need for protein is higher if you're involved in resistance training.

Weight Control

Good nutrition is also central to maintaining a healthy weight. Weight can be a hot-button issue in athletics. Working with a registered dietician can help you identify any unhealthy food behaviors and create an eating plan that addresses your unique needs.


Staying hydrated is vital when you're working out or participating in sports. Not maintaining fluid balance in your body affects performance and puts you at risk for the effects of dehydration. Water provides musculoskeletal lubrication as well as helps to transport nutrients throughout your body.

After the Game

Whether you win or lose, your mind is likely not on nutritional concerns after a game. Yet making it a priority is important, especially if you don't meet energy or fluid needs during activity. Most athletes don't consume enough fluids during events, so restoring balance post-game is essential.

Experimenting with diets on your own can lead to poor eating habits or excessive intake of certain nutrients. Whether you are trying to get in perfect shape for competition or preventing weight gain, our expert dietitians can help all level athletes to achieve optimal sports nutrition in order to meet their performance goals.