Sports psychology

"Remember that you engage in your sport because it enhances your life'

Our team of specialists offer a suite of services - including individual counselling, team consultations, performance enhancement, mental game assessment, brain stimulation and cognition, sophrology, applied cognitive neuroscience, mindfulness and meditation, relaxation therapy - making sure athletes, coaches and employees become successful by using their cognitive and emotional resources.

A winner's mindset through growth and excellence


An institute dedicated entirely to mental, emotional and neurobehavioral performance, supporting professional athletes improve both their careers and personal lives. Our approach and technology raise up to standard high level requires of a top athlete or sports club competing in NBA, NFL, NHL or UEA Champions League.

We are proposing an entire panel of services customized to individual necessities and only after a thorough psychological investigation.

Providing a unique synthesis between the latest discoveries of neuroscience our expertise of your neurologic profile allows clients to fully understand and evaluate mental, emotional and neurobehavioral levels.

Research and evolution have shown that recently professional sports depends on mental, emotional and neurobehavioral preparation as much as it does on physical and technical trainings. Our institute offers latest technology and methods to add value to global performance preparation.

Recover for an improved performance. Challenge of injury. We offer techniques of active recovery (physical, emotional, mental and energetic) popular among Olympic competitors and NASA pilots. Proposed methods support athletes into their recovery from injuries by accelerating the regeneration of cognitive, visual and spatial perception.

A few words about our specialist and his vision

Crafting a winner's mindset

As sports and competition constantly become harder, physical and technical conditions are limited and prove to lack adjustment, a lot of athletes are prone to turn towards psychology, looking for new opportunities to achieve success. For every successful athlete who develops mental toughness, there are at least two others equally gifted and motivated that need support and guidance in developing their mental capabilities. The question is: How do we get mental toughness?

Body & Mind

These two entities work together, yet they are always treated separately. Understanding the importance of mental and psychological context in sports careers and performance pursuit, our specialist has developed an innovative approach enhancing a concrete framework on feelings and emotions leading to an optimal understanding of the latter. As a former professional athlete and also understanding the key role of mental recovery in injury,he gets, above all, the leverage of experience and additionally 15 years of practice in physio-theraphy with specialisation in Chinese and energetic techniques.

Body & Mind is an approach that refers to the body, mind, emotions and spirit as a single integrated unit, therefore creating access to the mental and cognitive functions of the athlete.


We can provide personalised programs and different techniques, always taking into considerations the client's requests. The programs are carried out both on a personal and professional level, in the conscious as well as in the subconscious mind; our techniques aim the systematisation of new mental schemes, always in the pursuit of optimal involvement and motivation to exploit full potential.